Developing a Business Plan

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A number of business plan templates exist on the web, and there is no wish to promote one over another here.  We have picked one that is believed to be thorough, straight forward to navigate, and offers support if needed.  This is the template offered by Business Development Canada (BDC).

There are many organizations and agencies, including BDC, which can be retained for consulting services and even financing.  For the purpose of this web resource, however, we are just including the link to their business plan template.


If you are interested in support, please contact BDC directly.  They have large number of business centres throughout BC, found here.  They also have programs specifically geared to First Nations, found here.

BDC’s business plan template:

An example developed plan for a company wanting to market custom wooden doors and windows:
(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files)