At a Glance – Free Sources

The following sources of data are currently available to you for free (click to jump to each topic, or click on the images for direct access to the publication):

Free Resources at a Glance

Wood-use statistics  
Most detailed wood-use data for North America in existence. Covers a great number of wood products (structural and non-structural) by application and geographical region. Excellent sources.
Trade data  
Easy to use web tool for annual trade data by 6-digit HS Code.  Possible to break out Canada by province and the U.S. by state.  By value only.
  • BC Stats (British Columbia general)
Monthly trade on selected wood products and interprovincial trade. Includes links to their trade-related analytical reports.
Global trade flow data by country and commodity group. By value and by volume.
Socio-economic data
Very extensive site – an excellent source for everything from demographics to transportation to prices. Includes CANSIM, being Statistics Canada’s key socio-economic database.
Summary statistics page.
  • CMHC (Canada housing)
Canada housing statistics in wonderful detail. Includes forecasts and analysis.
Excellent summary of market trends and opportunities in BC’s major wood products markets.
Excellent source of statistics, data, and research. See quickfacts for a geographic-specific overview.
  • US housing (Joint Centre for Housing Studies, Harvard University)
One of the best online sources of research studies related to the state of U.S. housing.
Nice source of graphics for employment, economy, housing, transportation, trade, etc.
Good source for international statistics on production, trade, prices, population, resources, etc..
Production and prices
All excellent summary reports.
News and trends
Includes an invaluable daily news headline subscription service. Subscribe here.
Another excellent headlines monitor, also offering a subscription service.