Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA)

Visit the website at http://www.wrcla.org/

 “Western Red Cedar is the voice of the cedar industry representing both Manufacturers and Distributors.  It seeks to inspire, inform and instruct architects and discerning consumers about Western Red Cedar, the ultimate green building material.  The overriding objective is to enhance the demand and to support the species’ value proposition by profiling its benefits, its uses and its applications in a comprehensive market development program.”wrcla1

WRCLA is an important resource for any cedar product manufacturer and marketer.  They offer wonderful resource materials on the uniqueness of this species in value-added applications, both for its beauty and its natural durability.  They are in close contact with cedar users around the world, including builders and designers.  WRCLA’s technical literature is first class.

WRCLA offers links to markets and numerous other resources for the industry, both for the manufacturer / seller and for the user / buyer.wrcla3

A particularly interesting product that WRCLA has produced is their Environmental Product Declaration (EPSs) for cedar products.  This puts them on the leading age of what will probably be one of the most important marking trends of the decade.