OSU College of Forestry

Visit the website at http://www.forestry.oregonstate.edu/osu

“Research in the College of Forestry (COF) is conducted through the Forest Research Laboratory (FRL). Its mission is to conduct well coordinated, problem-solving research that provides knowledge for the integrated management of forest resources for multiple values and products that meet society’s needs, with special attention focused on social and economic benefits. FRL research has traditionally been organized into five broad program areas:

  • Forest regeneration
  • Forest ecology, culture, and productivity
  • Protecting forests and watersheds
  • Evaluating forest uses and practices
  • Wood processing and product performance.”

There are three departments in the College of Forestry:

Department of Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management

Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society

Department of Wood Science and Engineering

It is the Department of Wood Science and Engineering that offers the most relevant resources for this web site.  It is the home of faculty member Eric Hansen, whose publications can be found here.

The Department also houses the Oregon Wood Innovation Center (OWIC).

“OWIC’s mission is to improve the competitiveness of Oregon’s wood products industry by fostering innovation in products, processes, and business systems. A key function of the Center is to serve as the primary link between university research and needs and opportunities in the forest industry.”