Visit the site at http://www.fpinnovations.ca/FPInnovations

“FPInnovations is among the world’s largest private, non-profit research centres working in forest research. The organization helps the Canadian forest industry to develop path-breaking solutions based on the unique attributes of Canada’s forest resources, favouring a sustainable development approach and taking full advantage of the industry’s considerable scientific, technological and commercial capital.

“To achieve this, FPInnovations has created a business model like no other in the world, a model that allows it to respond efficiently to the needs of its members in the private sector, and of its partners in research, academic, and federal and provincial government circles.”

FPInnovations’ research programs are extensive, spanning from forestry through product development, in solid wood, engineered wood products, pulp & paper, and emerging bio-products.  You will find an excellent website covering the wide range of FPInnovations programs and activities at www.fpinnovations.ca

Research programs include:

  • Resource assessment
  • Forest operations
  • Wildfire operations
  • Primary wood products manufacturing
  • Secondary wood products manufacturing
  • Advanced building systems
  • Market pulp
  • Paper, packaging and consumer products
  • Biomaterials
  • Biorefinery and energy

In addition to extensive primary industry member-based products & services, FPInnovations also offers a number of programs that are accessible to the broader secondary manufacturing industry in Canada.  An overview of these resources are available at Solutions for Wood.   There are some excellent programs available for secondary manufacturers shown here, including technical / manufacturing assessments and new product / market development.

Solutions for Wood also offers a number of technical and market reports for free download.

Click on the following report images for full download:

fpi pub 1

fpi pub 2

fpi pub 3

fpi pub 4fpi pub 5

wood market trends 2006wood market trends 2010

An annual publication of note is the “British Columbia Forest Products Trend Analysis in Export Markets“. This offers a concise yet thorough review of demand indicators in BC’s most important off-shore markets.export market analysis

Additional research publications are available here.