Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP)

Centre for Advanced Wood ProcessingVisit the website at http://www.cawp.ubc.ca/

Located in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia, the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) is focused on education and training related to wood products processing and advanced wood products manufacturing.

CAWP offers a wide range of short courses, e-learning programs, in-plant training, product development, and manufacturing improvement services.

In addition its education services, CAWP also conducts and coordinates applied research and development.

As with other factions of the Faculty of Forestry, CAWP offers the Wood Products Processing co-op education program which allows industry to employ students for short-term paid internships.

The CAWP website contains information on all programs offered at CAWP as well as a number of other useful resources for anyone in the wood product manufacturing sector.

CAWP’s wood products manufacturing training curriculum can be customised for the needs of particular companies and delivered at the client company’s plant and/or fully or partly online.


Product Development:

Wood products manufacturers and industrial designers can access competitively-priced product development services from CAWP, which can include design, engineering, CAD drafting assistance, production process optimisation, prototype manufacturing, technology selection, costing studies, and market feasibility studies. These services are available to wood products companies of all kinds and in all locations. British Columbia-based manufacturers can receive support for these projects through the Wood First program.

If you are a manufacturer or designer who is thinking about developing and launching a new wood-based product or modifying an existing one, CAWP can help you to access the right kinds of support services. Some services can be provided directly by CAWP staff, while its partners can deliver others.


CAWP offers a Management Skills Training Program as a set of 8 short, affordable training courses for wood products manufacturers. Each module is taken online with email and phone support from a tutor, and costs are $445 (6 week courses) and $495 (8 week courses). The program was funded by the Wood Manufacturing Council and is open to all.

Wood finishing is a complex activity that represents at least 25% of the cost of the product and has an enormous influence on overall product appearance and quality. CAWP’s proven industry training program is designed to cover all of the key questions that businesses have on topics such as;

  • How do wood properties affect finishing?
  • What are the best types of coatings, application equipment and curing methods for the wood products I make?
  • How do I test and monitor the quality of wood finishes?
  • What environmental regulations and trends affect my manufacturing business?
  • How can I create a green product without compromising on quality or price?
  • Kiln drying certificate.

The goal of the Kiln Drying Certificate Program is to provide industry respected training that is specifically geared towards secondary and advanced primary manufacturing. The training program certifies competency to operate dry kilns, as determined by standards established by the wood products industry.
The full program entails approximately 150 hours of instruction, offered via a series of six modules that range in duration from two to five days. The modules blend the teaching of solid scientific principles with a practical solutions-based approach. Plant visits and team-based exercises reinforce classroom learning. The courses are conducted both at the University of British Columbia and at external locations in collaboration with partner colleges, universities and the private sector. The program is taught using a core curriculum but sessions include extensive discussion of regional issues based upon climate, product and species variations. Each module is offered at least once per year. Participants may complete the modules at their own pace in order to fit in with professional responsibilities.

The workshops presented by the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing combine classroom theory with practical work in a broad range of specialized fields, with emphasis on specialized processing equipment and systems. Courses are conducted in a small group format to maximise opportunities for hands-on practice and demonstrations.

Conferences feature internationally-recognized specialists in wood processing, to update industry participants on the latest in markets, processes and technologies.

Targeted towards owners or managers of small or mid-size businesses seeking to establish or improve online marketing campaigns or gain the knowledge to efficiently manage contractors such as web designers and online marketing firms.

In addition to its program of scheduled workshops and conferences, CAWP is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of industry via in-plant training.

CAWP has assisted companies throughout Canada with in-house training programs. To do this, CAWP draws upon expertise internally and within the University of British Columbia’s Wood Science Department, one of the largest wood science institutions in the world. In addition, CAWP maintains strong relationships with other specialists through an extensive international network of associates that spans three continents and represents the best in the world in wood products manufacturing knowledge.



Some research publications can be found here for a fee.

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