BC Forestry Innovation Investment (FII)

Forestry Innovation InvestmentVisit the website at http://www.bcfii.ca/

“Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) is the Government of British Columbia’s market development agency for forest products. Our mission is to help keep the B.C. forest sector growing by bringing its products to the world.”

FII is an excellent source of information for any wood products manufacturer / marketer:

  • extensive array of market intelligence studies for North America and off-shore;
  • statistics on BC resources and forest products;
  • information on helpful programs, such as the Wood First Initiative;
  • educational resources for elementary and primary schools on topics such as forest and climate change, the mountain pine beetle, and innovative building products.

Most of FII’s market studies are included on this website.  Shown hyperlinks are for the publication summaries; the complete reports are available for download free of charge on the FII website, but do require a login name and password from FII (go to www.bcfii.ca to request this).buyer's guide

Statistical information and other resources are easily found on the FII website.  Of particular interest is their companion website, www.NaturallyWood.com.  This includes a B.C. wood supplier directory with over 600 companies, an architect’s tool kit, and emerging trends.  It is also the home of the Buyer’s Guide to British Columbia Wood Products, which is a wonderful marketing tool for any BC producer.  It includes a detailed description of all BC species, including appearance, physical and working properties.export market analysis

An annual publication of note is the British Columbia Forest Products Trend Analysis in Export Markets.  This offers a concise yet thorough review of demand indicators in BC’s most important off-shore markets.

Additional research publications can be found here.